Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Karma in action, episode 1

*Our story begins last night during dinner. After staring at me for several minutes with a WTF look on his face, Hubs decides to speak:

Hubs: Kelly, you really need to start taking better care of your stuff! You have a huge scratch on your glasses!

Me: *disgruntled stinkeye/pretends to not hear him, while thinking, "Oh fuck right off, are you my dad???*

*Fast forward to 0453 this morning. Phone rings. It is Hubs.

Hubs: Could you look in the garage/driveway to see if there's a pair of socks out there? They aren't in the car, and I had stuck my iPod in it.

Me: Sure. Let me go get the flashlight.


Me: There's nothing here. Maybe you should take better care of your stuff?



  1. Heheheheheh! Gotta love Karma.

  2. LOL! I would use that one for DAYS on end.

  3. Oh karma, you magnificant bitch. What I am most impressed with is that you ACTUALLY went out and searched for his missing sock at oh dark thirty, with a flashlight no less. I would have been all "how is that my problem" right from my comfy and warm bed. BAM.