Friday, September 9, 2011

Halloween is comin' early this year...

Because I'm going to dress up as someone who is going to the gym to attempt to work out.  Horror of horrors, I joined a GYM.  I have to admit, this place is kind of kick ass.  First of all, the guy who gave me the tour wasn't all, "Like, dude, working out is my LIFE", which was refreshing.  I'm pretty sure if I walked in and saw nothing but a bunch of Hans and Frans and Jillian Michaels running around, I'd have about faced and ran (read: walked real fast) out the door.

Bonus, this place has a daycare.  Not bonus: they don't change diapers.  If the little drops a bomb, they'll come get me to change it.  Seriously.  It better not be while I'm in the sauna, the pool, because then I'd have to tromp through the entire place practically naked.  Uh, no.  I wonder how many calories I can burn just sitting in the sauna?  That needs to be looked into.

The guy asked me if I played racquetball.  Dude, do I look like the racquetball type?  First of all, I spelled it RACKETBALL, until Blogger told me I was an idiot.  I don't think I've played racquetball since PE in 7th grade.  Or was that badminton?  I really don't want to be locked in a plexiglass box where all I can smell is the sweat of whoever I'm playing.  I don't sweat.  I'm a lady.  Duh.

What was really cool about this place is they have a cinema.  Not kidding.  You go in this dark room full of cardio equipment and watch a movie.  Seriously, WHO does the eliptical through an entire movie?  I wonder if they'd notice me sitting in the corner with some smuggled in popcorn or Junior Mints...

Anyway, since I'm down 35, scratch that, 29 (thanks to the weekend at Mom's full of fried chicken, potato salad, and homemade ice cream) pounds, I need to keep going, but get toned and show my tweenaged girl that moving your body is healthier than watching Teen Nick and playing DS.  Wish me luck.

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