Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Completely amazed.

Turns out that I'm anemic. And deficient in B12. No wonder I'm bitchy. Anyhoo, it's probably a good thing that I'm doing this HCG diet because they give me B12 supplements along with it, and promote a mostly protein and vegetable eating plan. AND, I didn't feel like yelling or pulling my hair out today, not even once. WIN.

Speaking of eating, I'm only allowed 600 calories a day. Now, before you go freaking out, this is why. The HCG basically liquifies your fat, turning it into fuel. That's about as sciency as I get, it sounds completely weird, but hey, if it works, I don't care if they tell me the shot releases little aliens into my body to consume my fat. I need to drink three quarts of water a day, and keep to the 600 calories (give or take 15), and really, that's the quick and dirty version. I've decided to supplement with frozen meals so that I don't burn out, but I stocked my freezer today with turkey burgers, chicken breasts, and veggies.

This is what I had today (no worries, I'm not going to put my food log here daily, I was just amazed what all I ate today and still have room for more):

a cup of coffee, black (boo, I be lovin' some belgian chocolate toffee creamer)

chicken breast (I had a rotisserie chicken in the fridge; I sliced off the breast and nuked it a little)
a can of green beans with pepper only

An Amy's Tamale Pie
an ENTIRE bag of Green Giant steamed "healthy color" veggies

ALL of that only added up to 495 calories today. I have strawberries in the fridge that I am waiting until Violet goes to bed to eat. *insert evil giggle* I will probably have some yogurt too, since I doubt I'm going to eat 100 calories worth of strawberries. That's kind of a lot. The most amazing thing is that I'm eating a fraction of what I used to, and I wasn't hungry today. Except for once, and I drank some water, and it was enough to satisfy me.

Today showed me that I can do this. Because to be quite honest, y'all, I wasn't so sure that I wasn't going to cave. Especially when there's mini Reese's cups in the cabinet. ::sigh::

Another completely amazing thing that happened today is Quinn slept for more than an hour AND went to bed tonight without a fight. Hmm. Didn't want to yell at Violet, he slept, I didn't eat chocolate and drank all my water... I'd better write this down. Oh wait, just did.

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