Friday, April 8, 2011

Would you like the bad news or the good news? Or the other bad news?

Well, Bio-Matrix called this afternoon, and my bloodwork shows that I am a candidate for their program! So thrilled! I'll get back to this in a second, it's time to explain what they do. But first, let me fill you in on the bad news. Newses? Newsi? Whatever the hell the plural of news is.

1. Our government has stalled long enough that Loyd's leave and earnings statement (LES) shows that on the 15th, we'll be receiving a "half" paycheck. We will only be getting paid for work completed from 1 April through today. If a budget isn't approved and passed by the 15th, our paycheck on the 30th will be zero. I'm pretty matter-of-fact about this because I am out of emotion at this point. I don't think I could cry if I tried. Insomnia has kicked in, and I'm running on adrenaline. How I've managed not to snap at my kids today is a mystery.

2. Because of number 1 - I will not be able to carry on with my weight loss plan at this time. Now, my mom thinks otherwise, because she has offered to foot the bill. But I'm not going to let her. I have no idea when our backpay will be returned to us, and I owe enough bills that aren't going to get paid this month the way it is. I'll just put this on hold and try not to emotional eat myself into the next pants size.

For those of you interested, the plan that I was going to start Monday (and will, just not as soon as I wanted to) can be found here:

Hopefully the next time we get together I'll be in a much happier mood. If I've learned anything from this, it's this: I have a voice. I have the right to use it. And by God, I'm gonna.

ETA: this might all be changing. I'll update when I know more. WTF - can I not have anything in my life be consistent?

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  1. I THINK we will be getting the full paycheck on the 15th - it's just not on the LES since it took the GOP so long to come up with a budget.

    And I think it's just "news"...right?? lol.