Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A glimpse of the future. And I cried.

Of course I cried. I cry a LOT. These days, anyway. And like Truvy, laughter through tears is my favorite emotion. Man, I love that movie. Except I cry. Every. Damned. Time.

Quinnie was sitting in the recliner, by the window, the sun streaming in on his little self, and I could see through his rat's nest of baby curls the outline of his head. It showed me what he'll look like when we finally give this kid his long overdue first haircut, and I cried. He's growing up entirely too fast for my liking, and oh, man. The next thing I know it's going to be kindergarten round-up, and then he might as well get a job and get married. And give me grandbabies. WHOAnow... Remember when I said I tend to put the cart in front of the horse? Yeah. Anyway, I got my laughter out of my tears, because he then started doing his "drop it like it's hot" dance to the theme song from Elmo's World while screeching with glee at the top of his lungs.

Oh dear Lord, let me never forget these moments.

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