Monday, April 18, 2011

A sphincter says what? WHAT?!

Oh Monday, I'm actually glad to see you today. This weekend was rough. Quinn is definitely in the terrible twos, and I'm pretty sure Violet is diving into puberty in front of my very eyes. Oh, the drama in this house yesterday would have definitely been fodder for a new Bravo show.

School started last Monday. I may have overestimated my super powers. My assignments were late. This week should be a little bit better, provided the drama slows down to a dull hum around here. Sorry, professor who has nothing to do but grade papers and nag, parenting my kids will always come first. And sleep probably will too. Unless you want my assignments to be a bunch of blibberty jibberish. Anyway, late or not, she said I was off to a great start, so that's promising. I just have to make better use of my down time. But for now, a little boy wants snuggled, so that's definitely top priority.

I go weigh in later today... I'll share the news when I get back. I also have to go to the dreaded circle of hell known as Walmart, to get the rest of the crap I forgot when I was there Saturday, swing by the post office, take the dog to the groomer... Maybe I take back that I was looking forward to Monday.

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