Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow...?

Ooooh, tomorrow's gonna be crazy. CRAZY. I start my doctorate. My DOCTORATE, y'all. It still sounds weird. Probably because part of me still feels like I just moved out to the local community college and I should go home and do my laundry every weekend. It's online, so like the commercial says, "get on your pjs, and get to class!" Barf. I might be in my pjs, but it will be during naptime and and after the kids are in bed. In fact, I should be an overachiever and read ahead; the syllabus is posted, after all, but I think I'm going to bed. This weekend has sucked hairy donkey balls, and we all know how pleasant those are.

Actually, before I go to bed, I'm going to have one last sinful snack. Probably loaded with chocolate and trans fat. I get to start my shots tomorrow! I really thought I was going to have to wait, but I'm not. My mom, bless her, is making me start. She's putting the money in our joint account to use if by chance President Obama doesn't sign off on the budget next week. We'll be paid on Friday, but it's the paycheck on the first that's in question now. Cross your fingers and your toes, because I like to pay my bills and feed my family. And Rox Box sure likes treats. I don't even want to talk about that whole debacle last week because it still infuriates me. Whoa, topic jump much? ANYWAY... tomorrow, 3 pm, I'm getting poked with a needle that will make my body consume my own fat. GENIUS. It also means that I need to take a "before" picture. I might barf right after, but I'm going to do it. I'm also going to stand on that thing, that is in my bathroom, what do you call it? I avoid it at all costs. Oh yeah, the scale. *dun dun dunnnnnnn*

Tomorrow is a scary day for me. On so many levels. School I'll be able to handle. Not being the self-deprecating fat girl? What will I do with my time?

ps... I just saw Tim Tebow in a Jockey commercial, and while I didn't mind seeing him half naked, I'm not real sure why they felt they needed to have him talk.

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