Friday, October 7, 2011

Fair warning: I'm highly caffinated.

Alternately titled: Random shit that doesn't fit anywhere else but I needed to say.

So, being a transplant in Tennessee and missing southern California makes me watch my old local news station online.  Weird?  Maybe.  Where else can I find oompa loompa orange newscasters and weathermen with names like Lance Mountain?  Anyway, last night, there was a story regarding this gentleman who turned in a man with a cache of child porn!  What a hero!  Except the whole reason he found the cache of child porn is that he visited said man's apartment in order to rob his ass blind.  Ahhh, America.

I'm fairly certain I know why I'm never invited to be a test screener for new television shows. Especially shows directed at children.  Because most likely, my comments would be something similar to "Exactly how cracked out were you on when you decided this was a good idea?" or "What LSD/shroom-laced delight did you feed your test crowd when you screened this amazing pile of crap?"  Not that I am sitting here with mountains of potential TV show scripts just waiting to be discovered or anything, but I certainly watch enough kids' programming to know when something is entertaining and possibly educational, and when something has been written by a drug-addled chimpanzee.  If my two year old won't watch it, then you got problems, people, because he'll pretty much watch anything.  So if he's staring at the screen with a (very well honed, mind you) "what the hell is this bullshit?" look on his face, chances are you've produced a load of crap.  You're welcome for the feedback.

NBC cancelled The Playboy Club.  One of the few new shows I actually kind of enjoyed.  Evidently some conservative parents' group is involved.  Now, I happen to feel that I am a relatively conservative parent, and I saw nothing wrong with the show, as intended for ADULTS.  Where were you, conservative parents' group, when shit like Lusty Island (or whatever the hell that was called - you know, the show where you go to a tropical island with your mate and see if you end up with the same person you showed up with) was on?  If you're going to wail on TV, first of all, cable is an OPTION, not a requirement.  Two, find something to do with your evidently large amounts of time, like perhaps, spend it with your children without the TV on.  Or get a life.  I think the last option will probably suit you best, if you can figure out how.

I think that's it for now.  I should probably eat something, since I've had enough coffee that I could probably manage to do the pollen count with my own eyes.

Happy Friday!

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  1. High 5, babe. Seriously. First of all, I'm a transplant in northern New York missing my beautiful northern California coastal home LIKE CRAZY.
    Second of all, what is UP with people getting all pissed off about a show THAT THEY AREN'T OBLIGATED TO WATCH??? Where are these people when the Duggar's are giving birth to BABY NUMBER 20? WHY THE HELL ISN'T ANYONE STOPPING TLC FROM BROADCASTING YET ANOTHER MIDGET SHOW OR FAMILY WITH 27 CHILDREN??? GAHHHHH!

    I'm all, SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE... CHANGE THE DAMN CHANNEL! OR HERE'S A THOUGHT: READ A BOOK!! But NOOOooooo, they're too busy watching Fox News and getting their panties wedged up their asses because Modern Family features a *gasp* HOMOSEXUAL COUPLE.
    The horror...

    Ummm...I just realized I'm totally ranting my ass off on your blog.
    Maybe I'm a tad too caffeinated, as well? Yes?