Thursday, October 20, 2011

When predicting the end of the world, is the third time the charm?

Aw, hell, y'all... evidently the Rapture is happening THIS weekend.  For real this time.  I guess the last two times what's his face predicted the end, those were just dress rehearsals.  Can you call something a "dress" rehearsal when you get sucked into oblivion naked?  I just don't understand how people actually think this guy is legit!  How does this guy have followers?  He must make some uh-maaaaaaazing kool-aid.  This is just another reason why I really don't like people so much.

Anyway, in the event the Rapture does happen (and you KNOW that I'm poofin' up with the best of 'em... I am, right?), I will need someone to go to Nashville to pick up my clothes that will inevitably be left behind.  And since I spent good money on that ball gown (not so much the shoes, you can donate those), I'd appreciate it if someone would not leave it on the dance floor or in some bar on Broadway.

I certainly hope that when I do poof, that I magically get the body of Anne Hathaway or someone equally hot.  Because if not, I'm just not going to be okay with going naked.  I don't need worldly possessions, but a t-shirt and some yoga pants would be nice.


  1. If the rapture happens this weekend I hope I get left here so I can go looting! haha

  2. Maybe you should wear your yoga pants under your ball dress and just like tape/glue them to you, that way if you poof, you can take the yoga pants with you.

    Did you decide on makeup?

  3. Paula - damn the luck that the Rapture didn't happen. I had a fricking shopping list!

    Tiff - That would have been a fantastic idea had I seen your comment prior to the ball. Maybe then I would have looked like I actually had some boobs. :) I actually found all of my eye stuff at Target! $4.99 lashes? YES. I wasn't thrilled with my eyeshadow, but everyone got shithoused anyway, so it really didn't matter because no one was really looking. lol