Friday, October 28, 2011

My brain is speshul.

So, I'm spending quality time on Facebook this afternoon, and I notice my friend Amber posted this picture of a black jellybean on a paper towel.  Now, I usually question my own sanity, not too many others' (well, except the Westboro Baptist Church, but that's a given), so I click on her picture to see what the deal is, because she is a very level-headed chick.  Turns out, it was NOT a nasty licorice-flavored jelly belly, oh no!  It was a Godzilla-sized TICK that she found on her FLOOR because it was so effing FULL of her cat's BLOOD, it FELL OFF, completely satisfied.

Now, not too many of God's creatures freak me out.  I can deal with most spiders, one or two types of snake (provided they are no where near me or are appropriately caged in a Houdini-proof box, and if I had to, I could probably deal with a rat (since daughter has begun begggggggging for one for Christmas - don't worry, it's SO gonna get vetoed).  But TICKS?  Bloodsucking, nasty-ass critters who have no sole purpose on this planet except to gross me out?  FORGET IT.  Not only do I not understand their existence, there is something in my psyche that makes me feel like I'm crawling with the damned things the minute I see one, even a picture on the interwebz.

So, excuse me while I go over my dog, kids, and myself with a fine toothed comb, and vacuum everything that will sit still.  (Yes, I know the tick was in HER house, not MINE.  I can't help it.)

Tell me I'm not alone in this.  Please.  Lie to me if you have to.  It's okay.


  1. Can't stand those creepy little bastards. They are like bug vampires, sucking all our blood away. I am always on the look out for them.

    On a side note, I have owned both a snake and a rat. Rats are actually quite cuddly if you can get over the ick factor of the tail. I did. Loved that little guy. She was the sweetest. And no, the rat and snake did not get to play together in case you are wondering. :)

  2. Ticks are overrated in the scary department. But they gross me out, too.

    And I will not comment on Misty's choice of pets. She IS a lawyer, after all...

  3. Right there witcha on ticks -- when I used to date an "outdoorsy" dude, I would wrap myself head to toe like the mummy whenever we went in the woods. Sex-ay!

  4. If someone could just tell me what their purpose on this planet is, I could maaaaaybe lessen my hatred and disgust a scosh. Maybe.

    If Violet was here through the summers, I'd let her get the rat. But since she is now going to her mom's over the summer, that leaves me to take care of said rodent. And since we have a Westie, and such dogs were bred to flush rodents, I'm not sure that's such a fine idea. ;)