Monday, October 17, 2011

Just call me Sasquatch. Minus all the hair.

I am just about the ungirliest girl I know.  I don't wear much makeup, if I can't wear with both jeans and khakis I usually don't buy it, and I wear flip flops year round (usually with a not-so-fresh pedicure).  However, we have a ball this weekend, and it's kind of a big deal.  Read: I'll need to look better than as if I was headed to Kroger.  Anyway, I'm set on hair and makeup, because that's kind of one-size-fits-all.  HOWEVER: when you are a size 11 shoe, you might as well just fricking GIVE UP on finding something cute without having to order it from "Hey, You Got Some Big Ass Feet" online.  Not only do I wear a size 11, but one of my feet is wider than the other due to a graceful fall down the stairs at my brother's wedding, which is another post entirely.  Finding shoes is hard.  Finding cute shoes is harder yet.  Finding shoes that don't look like they belong on 80 year old women's feet who also suffer from a bad case of gout is damned near impossible.

Such is the life of the Sasquatch.  No wonder they hide in the woods of the Yukon or Seattle.  You don't need cute shoes when you're an imaginary forest creature.


  1. Oh no...I hope you find some shoes! My feet are pretty nasty...I tend to wear flops a lot and never paint my toenails and my husband always complains about how much they smell. lol

  2. I have a pair of sparkly flip flops that will do in a pinch. I hate feet though, my own included. And Hubs thinks it's great fun to touch me with his about 0.84872 seconds before I fall asleep. And I wonder why I'm an insomniac. lol