Sunday, February 19, 2012

I didn't die.

Yesterday was my first 5K, and I did not expire!  I perspired, though.  I also contemplated crying because I was pretty proud of myself.  Captain Awesome WAS awesome about it, until it was over and then he was more than ready to go home, as he was pretty pissy about getting up that early and being strapped in a stroller all morning.  It was an excellent experience, one I am ready to do again, but not today.  Probably not tomorrow, either.  But soon.  I'm going to start over C25K in the hopes that I can extend the amount of time I run/jog versus walking.

Most important to my heart, we did this as a family, and really became each other's cheerleaders.  Violet has the build to be a long-distance runner, and it is my hope that she finds a love in running, since other sports really haven't gotten her attention yet.  I didn't say I love to run, but it feels good to have a challenge and complete it, and I want to be healthier and more fit, because like I've said before, if I get thinner, I have to buy new clothes, and shopping - well, according to some of my girls, that's a sport all it's own.

But for now, I need more coffee, and ibuprofen.  Lots and lots of ibuprofen...


  1. Bananas are good too. Water too.

    And you will likely hurt worse on Tuesday than you do tomorrow, so be sure to stretch tomorrow and maybe do a short little run...


  2. Scott, you weren't kidding. I thought someone hit me in the legs with a sledgehammer! But I didn't see Kathy Bates anywhere, nor do I have a typewriter, so I knew I'd eventually be alright.

  3. Congrats, girl. I am mad proud of you! Fist bump. :)