Thursday, February 9, 2012

You know, just in case your kid has rabies...or something...

This morning, I made the trek to post to re-register the kiddos for child and youth services.  This sounds like not a big deal, until I tell you that I didn't have an appointment so if anyone had an appointment, or was XYZ type people and they walked in after me, I'd get bumped to the back of the line.  WHICH, is why I was there for two and a half hours for a 10 minute thing to verify all my information was correct.  I don't mind, honest - bump me all you want to - just not when my kid is being a complete asshat.  Fortunately, they're used to this, and I was able to avoid the dirty looks from the other people (whose kids weren't being exactly saints either, thankyouverymuch), and bide my time with my nose stuck in my Kindle until they finally called my name.

I needed to get the kids back in the system so I can use the hourly daycare.  What?  Go drop Q off and go somewhere ALONE?  Yes, please.  Anyway, I have a training on Monday, so I needed to get my butt out there and get shit figured out, otherwise I'd be up shit creek without a paddle, and have to cancel on Monday.  So I get all the paperwork figured out, filled out, and kind of proudly, since I remembered to bring shit like their SSNs and whatnot.... and then I realized I didn't have their medical paperwork.  No big deal, the lady says, just have your doctor fax it.  AWESOME!  Thanks!  ... And then, she says... "Really, we just need the immunizations for Q.  you know, if he would bite someone."

Evidently vampire children are frowned upon in this establishment.  Bella and Edward would be screwed.

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  1. Actually, it sounds like biting is encouraged . . . just as long as they have their shots!!