Monday, January 30, 2012

Direct deposited tax refunds complete me.

Okay, so since I didn't work this year (not by choice... well, kind of by choice, the only job I was granted an interview for wanted me to be on call 24/7 and with the kidlets and the Hubs' erratic work schedule, that's just not possible, so I had to decline), and with Hubs being deployed for half the year, our refund is enough to make me feel like I'm a kid and it's November and the JC Penney "Big Toy Book" just came out.  Yeah, I'm excited.

Of course, me being me - you know, practical and guilt-ridden - I'll pay off the little bit we have on the credit cards, the dogs need beds and shots, Violet needs new shoes, Quinn needs pants that actually cover his ankles, etc.  But THEN?  Oh, yes... it's all about frivolous retail therapy.  I'm shivering with anticipation.

Number 1 on the list - gym membership.  Paid a year in advance.  WUT?  Oh yes.  I know that I have exercise equipment upstairs that I'm learning to like (gasp!), but this way I'll actually get some adult interaction and not be forced to only use said equipment when Quinn is napping or down for the night, because they have daycare, yo!  ALSO?  They have this THEATER full of cardio equipment that you can use while you watch a fricking MOVIE.  Popcorn and soda not provided.  Sneak yours in at your own risk.  There may or may not be a pat down for smuggled-in Junior Mints.

TWO:  FINALLY (well not finally, it hasn't been that long, obviously since I'm not due for an upgrade yet), I'm getting a new phone!  One that won't get hot (as in battery melting hot) when I charge it or when it's just effing sitting there.  If I get cancer of the ear, let me tell you - I'm hiring Misty, and shit's going down.  So readers, I ask you, what phone can I not live without?  I currently run on Android, but I have mad love for Apple, I've never used a Windows phone - so educate me and tell me what phone you have, the pros and cons, and SELL IT.

C:  I think that Hubs and I are finally going to take a honeymoon this summer.  It will most likely be with the youngest in tow (Violet will be at her mom's), but still fun.  We're talking about going to Florida for a few days, get some sun, become bronzed, maybe Disney, not real sure yet.  What would be super great is if Quinn could go to my folks (or them here so I don't have to board the dogs, wink wink nudge nudge) so I can do nothing but sit in the sand with fruity concoctions for a few days.  Why Kelly, are you planning on spending your entire vacation shithoused if there are no children involved?  Yes, yes I am. Not only is it long overdue, it will helpfully let me forget that I'm not wearing much for clothes and I can enjoy myself.  Beach vacation + horrible body image = have to be drunk to relax.  Sad, but true.  Now where's that mai tai...


  1. Damn. I am oh so jealous. Our refund will go directly to bills. And there will be bills left over so no fruity drink sandy sunny vacation. :p

    Ok, phones . . . I had an android for years and just recently got an iPhone. I was craving the iPhone for years and now that I finally have it? It's fine. I mean, the android was good, too. There are certain apps you can only get on the one or the other, it depends on if you absolutely have to have angry birds, etc. I would say either is fine. It takes a bit of getting use to to adjust from Android to Apple, but if you really want the iPhone, go for it. Otherwise, just get a better more upgraded model of the android, which is really good as well.

    Did that clear it all up for you? Ok, great!

  2. Wha...whatWHAT!?!? Your gym shows MOVIES!?!? Donde esta this place of wonder? ((gnashing teeth with jealousy))