Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Haiku? I'm fine, how are you?

Because I'm an amazing poet?  No.  Because I'm inspired by the day that looks frigid yet is humid as fuck outside?  Uh, no.  Because I love the word haiku and imagine that Hello Kitty invented them?  Maayyybee...

Glorious coffee
I chugged and burnt my throat fuck
Nectar of the Gods

Oh darling Sampson
Your ass smells like rotten eggs
Good thing you are cute

I need to get up
Christmas stuff still on my walls
Blanket is too warm

Kid hit snooze alarm
Took thirty minutes to eat
Miss bus you will walk

Little would not sleep
Mama's sleeping pill kicked in
Did you sleep at all?

When do kids sleep in
I would like to sleep 'til ten
Not gonna happen

Oh bus please hurry
Cannot stand snotty preteen
Too early for wine

Dogs you fucking dogs
Are quickly driving me nuts
Run away please God

I think that pretty much sums up my current feelings in the form of ancient Hello Kitty poetry.  And Mrs. Friedrichs thought I wasn't paying attention in class.  Psshaw.


  1. My haiku to Starbucks:

    Tall, Grande, Venti
    What the @#$% happened to
    Small, Medium, and Large?

    1. Oh dearest friend Jen
      Who never fails to speak truth
      Fist bump my sista

      (I think I missed the day where they covered punctuation in haiku, but this lack of drives me fucking crazy.)