Thursday, February 2, 2012

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, dee lee dee dee dee...

There they are a'standin' in a row... Sorry, we're watching The Lion King this morning, and it's stuck in my head.  I love that movie!  Jeremy Irons is the best badass, and I love Mr. Bean.  Which reminds me, I saw this on Pinterest yesterday, and it requires sharing:

This might make me the biggest geek alive, but this just brings me unexplainable joy.

I really don't have much to talk about this morning.  Last night was kind of hectic, Captain Awesome was NOT awesome - he had a hard time staying asleep last night.  Not in pain not staying asleep, more like "I'm gonna throw all my shit out of my bed and then holler until someone comes and gives it back to me and THEN after you leave I'm going to cry like you just abandoned me at Walmart on the bad side of town and really, I know how to dial 911 and I will call CPS on you if you don't come snuggle with me for half an hour while I play with your hair and try to simultaneously pick your nose and put my pacifier in your mouth."  This happened twice.  Before 3 am.  And then Hubs' alarm went off at 330... and then at 5, again with the party, so I decided to bring him in bed with me because I couldn't see straight.  Biggest. Mistake. Of. My. Life.  This is why I don't co-sleep - he was all over everywhere, and I'm fairly certain four or five of my internal organs are shredded.  So back to bed he went, which started the CPS threats again... and then it was time to get up.  

Fast forward to now, when both dogs want to come in but are giant mudballs due to the swamp that is my backyard (and maybe a little bit of digging?  Sampson?  Care to weigh in on the topic, pal?  Since you've got mud up to your armpits? Does anyone else consider those armpits on dogs even though dogs don't have "arms"?) so I bring them in, refuse to bathe them because the next time they go out it will be the same fucking thing, and now Sampson is humping the Backyardigans couch like he's got something to prove.

I think I need more coffee.  Happy Thursday!


  1. Wow, that sounds like an awesome morning. Eh, just leave them outside. It will rain eventually. Nature's shower!

    And just spike that coffee with some good stuff. No not creamer . . . bailey's!! Every thing will see much better then.

    Also, I love the new look! It's very vibrant. I'm having some trouble reading this stuff over here <------ but I'm just stoopid that way. Otherwise, nice!

    1. Good morning, you funny bitch, you!!! I changed the font, just for you. It was a little difficult to read. I wish I could upload new web fonts. Thanks, Blogger, for being so limited. Meh. I would let the dogs stay out, but they're precious and fragile and no they're not. They're spoiled rotten. One is at the salon as we speak. The other one is in his midday coma. I'm jealous.