Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas usually comes once a year...that's what she said.

Christmas is upon us, and I don't have a damned thing wrapped.  I love being a mom during Christmas - I pick out, buy, and wrap my own presents.  :o(  This year, I replaced my kindle with the kindle fire... oh, it's lovely.  I didn't even bother wrapping it.  In fact, I've been using it for two weeks.  Sorry, Santa.  I also traded in the ol' Honda yesterday for an upgrade on the mom-mobile; no more CR-V, oh no!  Momma got herself an Expedition.  2007. DVD player.  Remembers my seat position.  Navigation so I don't get lost (completely outdated and I'm not spending $200 to upgrade it, but it has a map, so I'm good.).  We want to eventually add to the brood, and since our mastiff puppy will soon be bigger than the CR-V, we just went ahead and did it.

I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate car shopping.  There's always that "OMGIMGONNABARFHURRYUPANDCOMEBACKFROMFINANCEANDTELLMEIMAPPROVEDIMGONNABARFIMGONNABARFIMGONNABARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRF!" feeling.  My salesman was rad though.  Offered me lunch and coffee and pop, and was funny.  And not pushy.  So I'm having three Christmases this year, once we get to Kansas!  Yay!

So this car.  It. Is. BOSS.  So much so, that when the Hubs and I were watching MTV True Life: I Want A Sugar Daddy (don't judge, it was quality family time), he said tomorrow I need to go get a mani-pedi and my hair cut.  And he and Captain Awesome can just sit in the car and watch a movie.  We also have to go to Tractor Supply and spend half a paycheck on dog food.  This. Dog. Can. Eat.

Happy Monday before Christmas, y'all.  Here's wishing you make it through the week without papercuts, lost receipts, and with enough booze/coffee/insert vice here to keep you sane!  I don't think I'll be back until after the holiday, so I truly hope you have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!



  1. Nice ride! My wife loves her Suburban. I hated everything about it except that she totally loves it and on this I can rest. I'll bet your puppy can eat a ton and I have teenage boys, we joke about every grocery trip including the bag of chips that they will eat as they empty the car.

    We just wrapped a slew of stuff tonight. I still have to wrap my wife's gifts and she mine, but the children and in-laws/rents are done.

    Time for a nice quiet relaxing evening reading blogs.


  2. Happy Christmas to you as well!! I will miss you whilst you are gone, but hope you have a relaxing and wonderful holiday with your family.

    Oh, and having a DVD player in the car has saved my sanity. Seriously. Best. Invention. EVER!

    Cheers to you, love!

  3. Kelly? Hello? Did you have too much Xmas celebration and you are still recovering? Or are you deathly ill? I hope the first one and you are trying to come out of your post-holiday extraveganza stupor and will soon be back to posting! Miss ya.