Thursday, December 15, 2011

My house smells like cake.

Mmmm.... cake.  I love cake.  Any kind you want to throw at me, chances are, I'll like it.  Really, if you want to throw some cake at me, that's fine.  Five second rule, and all that.

I realized today that I had done zero holiday baking, and I only have half the crap I need to start making candy (mmmm.....candy), so I'd make do with what I had, and that manifested in a red velvet cake.  Which I put in a really pretty bundt pan.  And if that motherfucker doesn't come out pretty.... well, fuck it.  We're just going to eat it anyway.  It's not like it's for a cake walk or a school function or potluck or whatever.  I EVEN MADE HOMEMADE FROSTING.  Well, because I was out of canned, and I had a box of powdered sugar in the cabinet.  I also swept and mopped.  Miss Suzy Homemaker, what?!

There's a few more things on my list that need to get done before the Hubs gets home tonight, but for now, I'm taking a break.  The divine Ms. Johi said to only get three things done a day (or something like that, I don't exactly remember, but I loved that post so so much), so I'm doing pretty good today.  Besides, The Preteen will be home within the hour, and I can't let her learning responsibility go by the wayside just because I got everything on my list done, now can I?

PS - I think my meds are working.  I feel eleventy billion percent better today, even with a temp of 100.7.

PPS - Anyone want some cake?  Coffee?  Leftover pizza?  Because that's what's for dinner, kids.


  1. if we're having cake and pizza for dinner, you can adopt me!

  2. Sounds like you are feeling a lot better. Huzzah!! Nobody gets the cleaning & cake-baking jones like people who suddenly start feeling better.

    Oh, and did you say red velvet cake? Hell yes, I wants some!! Can you ship me a cake? I promise I've been a very very good girl!! (Ok, I'm lying, but can I have some cake anyway? It's my favorite!!).

  3. Hoody, we have pizza a lot more often than we should, and there's always something that can be turned into a dessert in this house. Besides, with all the cookie dough from school fundraisers, we're golden.

    Misty, yes, I am. Thanks so much! You bet your bippy you can have some cake! You might have to arm wrestle Violet for it, though. She's scrappy, but I think you can pull it off.