Thursday, December 1, 2011

I am going to disinfect everything that will sit still in my house.

Gah!  I hate being sick!  More than being sick, I hate being "kinda sick".  You know, when you feel pretty much okay except _____?  Well, my _______ is this raging sore throat.  I feel like I've swallowed razor wire that was dipped in gasoline and set on fire.  (Ahh, my flair for the dramatic rears it's ugly head.)  I'm starving, but eating hurts, and if I drink any more warm drinks, I'll likely wet the bed in the middle of the night.  (This is where I want to cuss my dad for taking his whiskey home with him.)

Captain Awesome has had a runny nose for a week, and started coughing tonight.  Not so awesome.  Dear daughter evidently has an immune system made of iron, because she has only been the carrier for all these germs that were most likely percolating in her school.  PARENTS:  STOP FUCKING SENDING YOUR KIDS TO SCHOOL SICK!  RAWR!  Because of you, I couldn't eat the pizza we ordered tonight!!!  And I don't WANT yogurt, and all the chocolate pudding is gone!  (Yep, I'm kind of grouchy.  And it's a HUGE pet peeve of mine when people come to work sick, and send their kids to school sick.)  Quinn is also working on his two year molars, which, let me tell you - I am so close to slitting his gums open with an exacto knife just so he can get some relief!  (Disclaimer:  I would never fucking do that.  I am a drama queen.  And I like to keep you on your toes.)  In all seriousness, I hate seeing my kids hurt, and these teeth have stolen my sweet boy and replaced him with Satan.  There's not enough Children's Advil and Backyardigans episodes in the world to make him feel better.

So yeah, I kind of want to spray the whole house down with Lysol, but let's face it - that takes energy and motivation, so I'll vacuum and mop and call it a day.  Maybe.  Besides, I don't have any Lysol.  My intentions are really good, though.  A for effort?


  1. Ugh. I hate that fiery razorblade feeling. I always get the throat first, and know Imma gonna get it. I get everything the wee ones bring home. Hate being sick so much, and it happens all the time. But, yeah, being powerless to make the little ones better is even worse. Hope your house is better soon!! Hugs (but from a distance, because I don't wanna get that shit either!). :)

  2. Don't make me cough on you, Misty.

  3. Ah, the USS Strep Throat strikes again?

    In case you didn't know all the other crap you should do... clean keyboards and mice... Throw away toothbrushes.

    We've got co-workers that have left with the pukes. I gotta tell you, I'd rather have the flu for a week than puke for a night.

    Hope you feel better soon!