Thursday, December 1, 2011

Old McKelly Had A Farm, E-I-E-I-O.

Yesterday, Quinn (now known as Captain Awesome due to the shirt he doesn't want to take off.  Ever.) and I drove 5 hours to this teeny town in Missouri that is halfway between us and my parents' home in Kansas to meet my dad who was bringing us our Christmas present.  His name is Samson.

His FACE!  I want to just squeeze him to pieces!

He is a Mastiff.  He's only 9 weeks old, and he's bigger than Roxie. 

I'M CUTE, TOO, DAMMIT!!  (This was obviously her face before Samson came home.)

All things considered (including her being old and bitchy), she's taken to him quite well.  I think she's getting a kick out of actually being the boss of something.  Such a girl.  Samson has settled in, hardly whined last night, ate like a champ this morning, pooped on the deck because he hates the stairs, and has shared his rawhide with Captain Awesome (I'll try to get that on film.  Gross, but necessary to show his girlfriend later on in life.).  He isn't a fan of going outside - he's fine once he gets there, but I kind of have to toss him out the door.  Perhaps it is because he is not the most graceful being, and he trips over, well, everything and nothing.

Was I ready for another dog?  Not really.  Am I looking forward to the puppy phase (which I haven't dealt with in seven years)?  Nope.  Am I going to give him back?  No way.  He's soft, and snuggly, and dumb, and he'll eat more than my human kids do, but I am now his mommy.  And housebreaking him means that I can backburner potty training Quinn (which terrifies me.  He can stay in diapers until he's 12 as far as I'm concerned, although that would be a scosh awkward...).  

Well, I suppose I should check on the wee beastie.  He could be digging a tunnel to China for all I know.


  1. Oh, very large puppy. Which of your kids will ride the pony first?


  2. I'm going to put my money on the boy, seeing as he's already sat on him twice. I really think he doesn't know what to do with a dog who actually likes him. lol

  3. OMG, such cuteness! That face is indeed precious. I love that your boy and that puppy are gonna be besties from here on out. Good luck with the puppy training! Like you needed another "person" to have to take care of. :)

  4. I'm banking on Roxie to take care of most of it for me. Winter will be interesting, but on days like today when the sun is warm, their butts are outside. Poor thing, I have to put him in his kennel so he'll nap - he wants to play all. the. time. Everyone wants to snuggle him on their laps, which I'm discouraging, and it evidently makes me Hitler, but they'll thank me when he weighs 150 lbs and thinks he's a lap dog.