Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Have your kids break their bones. Really.

So dear sweet daughter fell off the monkey bars at school today and landed on her wrist.  Right before I was about to take a shower.  So, stanky me plus half-way-through-nap-toddler plus three hours at the ER plus attempting to make a game out of tongue depressors plus a stop at DQ equaled our afternoon.  She has what is called a greenstick fracture (whatever the hell that is), and is in a splint/sling combo until we see our doc tomorrow.  So in the lobby, I'm lamenting MY situation.... "Fuck this!  Who is going to pick up the crap I don't want to?  Who is going to take out the trash?  Who is going to get me the remote?  I have to BATHE her preteen hormonal self?  FUCK THIS!"

And then she walked in the door, picked up a few toys with her good hand, went to the bathroom by herself, asked for just sandwiches for dinner, and figured out how to play her DS with one hand.

I don't give this kid quite enough credit.  Maybe I'll have her try to pottytrain her brother next.  God knows I don't want to do that real bad.


  1. Ouch! I've never broken any bones but that sounds painful.

    I'm glad she's (and you) handling it well. I'd be a huge mess.

  2. Having multiple kids is the greatest, because, you know, more hands to do shit around the house. My daughter is being groomed to totally raise her new baby brother by herself.
    The cool thing is she thinks that it's all her idea.