Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Signs I know things are back to normal in my house.

1.  The alarm is set for 0400.

2.  The amount of laundry has almost doubled.

3.  Cereal for dinner just doesn't cut it anymore.

4.  I find random things in my bathroom sink like boxers and t-shirts.

5.  You'll find spit cups galore, and the little playing with empty Copenhagen tins.

6.  I get "Love You" texts before 6 am.

7.  The sounds of SOCOM, Call of Duty and NCAA Football 2012 resonate through the house.

8.  His wedding ring is back on his finger rather than on a chain around my neck.

9.  I have no covers in the middle of the night.

10.  ESPN comes on first, because the news is important.

11.  My bedroom floor is littered with dirty socks, damp towels, and boots.

12.  My anxiety levels are almost back to normal, which means medium to high rather than off the charts.

Dear Husband is home, safe from Madam Afghanistan.  The kids and I couldn't be happier.  My OCD is in overdrive, and I'm trying to make reintegration as smooth as possible, even though it is usually impossible for it to be seamless, but, he is home in one piece.  For a while. And that's what matters.