Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There's something strange... In the neighborhood...

Who ya gonna call???  Anyone who can get my effing toddler to GO THE EFF TO SLEEP!  I swear, I need Mary Poppins to float down to my driveway as soon as she is able.  Preferably within the next 15 minutes, or I am going to flip. my. shit.

He's cute.  Super cute.  And gets away with murder.  I KNOW IT'S MY FAULT, STOP READING WITH THAT PATRONIZING LOOK ON YOUR FACE ALREADY.  It's just me and him during the days, and I am able to ignore a lot of what I feel is him just being an ornery boy, but when it is bedtime and, let's face it, kid - you BEGGED to go to bed (well, begged in the way that any two year old who doesn't have many words can), then the natural conclusion would be that you would go the hell to sleep!  But no, you've been in bed now for an hour and a half, and if it was Nirvana playing on the iPod instead of Nature's Lullabies (or whatever I've got going on in there), I'd think you were in the middle of a mosh pit.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that he enjoys being in his room - like he has a choice, he's still caged in his crib, because nights like this I know he'd be running like a little woodland creature who just escaped the clutches of something bigger than him yelling FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He'll eventually conk out.  And if he doesn't, there's always that nighttime Triaminic...  I kid!  Maybe.


  1. I remember those days...not very fondly I might add. Good luck with your little night owl!

  2. Paula, it would be different if he was screaming his head off, but he's like joyful and shit! That kid is a mystery.